What is the definition of Beauty?  someone asked,                       Fair and flawless skin, almond shaped lips, proportional height and weight, monolid round eyes. No. Seriously which century we are in living and who we are to judge someone just by their appearance or their looks. In… Continue reading BEAUTY IS WITHIN YOUR HEART

Aim Of Life

  “Aim” or “Purpose” is another word for explanation. Something exists, and the human mind must explain: what is it, why is it, what is it good for, what does it matter. The human mind does it to everything it experiences, including itself: coming up with explanations. With reasons and meanings and stories. The “real… Continue reading Aim Of Life

कोरोना आणि सण

    भारत आणि भारतीय सण यांच्यातील नातं म्हणजे अमूल्य आणि वाखाणण्याजोगे आहे. सणानिमित्त एकत्र येणे,बंधुता एकता जपणे,हास्य व्यवहार प्रेमाचे फुलोरे उमलवण्यासाठी आपले सण समारंभ प्रमुख कार्यरत आहेत.बहिण भावाच्या अतूट नाट्याला जपण्यासाठी त्याची महती अधोरेखित करण्यासाठी केला जाणारा नारळी पौर्णिमा/राखी पौर्णिमा,रंगाची उधळण करणारी होळी,देवीचे अनन्यसाधारण महतीचे दर्शन देणारी नवरात्र,नात्यातील कडवटपणा दूर करणारी संक्रांति,कापणीच्या जल्लोषात करता… Continue reading कोरोना आणि सण


   The love of animals are unconditional and purest thing in the world. They gives you a trustworthy love, their cutest cuddles and many more. The human-animals bond is mutually beneficial and dynamic relationships between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors essential to the health and wellbeing of both.        This… Continue reading PAWFECT LIFE

Worthy K-Drama/ C-Drama for beginner

If you are a thinking starting to watch Korean and Chinese drama’s and even you are a beginner and looking for the best  romantic and comedy drama’s then you are landed in perfect place.                       the list below contains first 5 drams for beginner friendly Korean… Continue reading Worthy K-Drama/ C-Drama for beginner

Most Worthy Netflix Series To Watch

Looking for a great Series to watch on Netflix. The 10 best Netflix series and shows to Watch right now, whether you are into documentaries, dramas or comedies Netflix has something for you and if you somehow run out of stuff to watch. I’m here to help;). Below is a list of Netflix strongest series… Continue reading Most Worthy Netflix Series To Watch