Aim Of Life

  “Aim” or “Purpose” is another word for explanation. Something exists, and the human mind must explain: what is it, why is it, what is it good for, what does it matter. The human mind does it to everything it experiences, including itself: coming up with explanations. With reasons and meanings and stories. The “real purpose” is whatever your mind came up with, or someone else’s mind. Maybe the mind of someone you consider an authority. Given this, your purpose can be whatever you want. What it “should be” is probably something that improves your experience of life, makes it more pleasant, more fulfilling, more rewarding. A goal in life is to figure out your purpose, but if you find your purpose, it makes life lose meaning. It’s a never-ending circle but at least finding your purpose is fun!.                    Many would say the goals of life are to get a job you enjoy, make a decent salary, buy a nice house, have a loving spouse and family. These are all good things of course, but they are temporal and therefore not the highest goals we could focus on. I believe the main goal of life is find yourself, enjoy yourself, make happy yourself cause,                                “क्योंकी साहाब ये जिंदगी सिर्फ एकबार मिलती है,                                 वो भी मुश्किल से |                       तो इसे इतने आसनी से रोते झगडते हूए क्यो काटे ||                                   हंस्ते मुस्कुराते हुए बिताते हैं ना ईसे |        यह हैं भी तो इतनी खुबसुरत की इसे बेवजाह बरबाद भी  क्यों  करे || ”
The aim of Life is Simple :                                                1) Satisfaction- is an important issue. Satisfaction in any field of life is the most important of all. Be it any job or stage of life, satisfaction plays a major role as it keeps our interest going on. If there’s no satisfaction, people tend to move towards non-practical and often evil methods in order to obtain it.                            2) Appreciation- Appreciate whatever you have. Appreciation will lead to satisfaction. No matter how small you are or you have, appreciate the present because it’s the only way you can calmly thing and plan your way ahead! If you don’t appreciate, you’ll not be satisfied and your mind will not be stable and you’ll end up jumbling your future!                  3) Determination- The core way to appreciate your present and subsequently become satisfied is Determination. If you’re determined enough, no goal is too big to achieve it. For a person, at any level of life, wanting to achieve big results, he needs to be determination and it comes with hard work and perseverance.                   No matter how mundane it sounds, the goal(final destination) should always be to be HAPPY. No amount of money will give you satisfaction if you don’t enjoy your work. No amount of people will be of value if they aren’t the real ones. If you don’t feel happy after earning millions, having an army of employees behind you, that money will be of no importance to you. Even if the things you do, from learning a subject to going for a job, marrying a person, if they don’t make you happy, it’s futile. So, in this journey of life, learn to live every moment and be happy. Don’t think about an end goal of life. It will make you die unsatisfied. You may be thinking what am i talking about. But listen that’s the truth. You can’t just make an end goal of your life. Let me tell you what you should do. Have an end goal for everyday. You get up in the morning and you decide the things you have to complete in that day and they you try to complete all those things in that day. That’s a lot easier. And it will also make you die satisfied. I am. Not saying that you shouldn’t think about your future. But living in the present will give you a better future.               
* Live with purpose and passion every day.                                         * Live for the glory of god. Trust him without any purpose.                          * Help those who are in need.              * Have a meaningful relationships with friends and family.                           * Be optimistic. Be open minded. Trust the change.                                    * Learn from your past. Do not repeat the mistakes.                                    * Always be learning, never give up.         ** It already has purpose. God never makes useless things. We exists for the having a loving relationships with god.      *  LIVE till the the last day of your life.


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