What is the definition of Beautysomeone asked,                       Fair and flawless skin, almond shaped lips, proportional height and weight, monolid round eyes. No. Seriously which century we are in living and who we are to judge someone just by their appearance or their looks. In one hand we say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and, other hand whenever see a fare person, first thing is comes in our mind how beautiful he or she is. We immediately finds out everything perfect about them. Judging someone just by their looks is not Good. Doesn’t matter if it’s height or it’s weight, or it’s skin tone or anything else. You shouldn’t judge someone by their exterior looks because you never know how he or she’s going through, what is the problems they are facing or their story. Your judgement may shattered them completely or make to think to end the life. Your one judgement might end of his or her life. There are hundreds of reasons someone might be overweight and most off them are out of a person’s control. Your judgements can have harmful and negative consequences. A person cannot be judged by their looks, many people faces a lot of problems like anxiety, weaken immune system, high blood pressure, depression and many more  just because your filthy judgements. Even we want fair skin heroes and heroines in movies and other hand we use #Black lover, #Black addict. Double standard people is the best tag for all those who judge others just by their looks and appearance.                              Firstly I would like to point out that it’s not our fault how we look. It’s just we have been programmed incorrectly while being born and brought up, our society, our education system is it a responsible for this. Whenever we see a fair person we immediately finds out him or her beautiful irrespective of his or her behaviour, his or her nature without even knowing anything about them. Why we are programmed that Fare skin is Beauty and Dark skin is Ugly.                                                Beauty should be attached to nature of person, not to color. Beauty relies in the thing which a human can control, it can be his or her health, it can be his or her nature and why not. There are several things which a human can take control but still we are taught that a pretty face is beauty which is totally not in a person’s control.            Being Beautiful means when you having Kindness to ourselves and to others. Being Beautiful means when you having a Pure character. Being Beautiful means when you have Self-confidence. Being Beautiful means when you have Strength to fight for ourselves. Being Beautiful means the Expression of Soul to the outer world. Being Beautiful means when you don’t allow Yourself to fall for Negativity. Being Beautiful means when you Accepting your Mistakes. Being Beautiful means you Keep Smiling even in your tough situations and in bad days. Being Beautiful means when you keep trying to create positivity inside or out. Being Beautiful means when you Accepting your flaws. Being Beautiful means when you Keep Loving Yourself each day when no one love you the way you are. Being Beautiful means when you are Self Motivated.                          We worshiped Lord Krushna, Devi Kali who is also dark toned skin but still we are not ready to accept dark color people. Even God proved us color is never mattered all is mattered is pure soul, pure heart, kindness nothing else.                                          The survey also found that 23.4 percent said they misjudged someone based on their looks two or three times per month.                                                                  We have to accept that Beauty is the combination of all the qualities of a person, everyone is unique and perfect, beauty is something outstanding amazing of its kind, therefore we are all beautiful because we all are amazing. If you have never been called beautiful it doesn’t mean you are not, because you are. True beauty is not how you look but the confidence, comfort and security you have with yourself. Beauty lies in your eyes always Remember that. True beauty lies in the innocence of person, in the innocence of heart. The true beauty is all about who you are as a person, your principles. Your beauty is express through your kindness, your beauty comes from inside through your heart, through your character.                       If you are dealing with the highly judgmental or color standard people always remember that :-       Be compassionate.                 Focus on the attitude of gratitude.                               Look at it as a life lesson.           Focus your attention to other people who loves you, who care for you.❤🖤🤍

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