How can I Improve My English skills

                                          Firstly I would like to appreciate the fact that you have started taking the efforts needed. Reading newspapers and writing summary of the same is the starting mini steps a person needs to take. It’s fine even if in the start you are unable to write the summary. It will happen with practice.  First of all, read a lot. It takes time to improve your English. Start with something you are comfortable at. Do not take up something that is difficult to understand. You can start with novels, or by reading short stories, blogs, newspaper articles especially editorials. Then try to write a small review or your personal view of what you read. Writing helps a lot in finding errors you make in Grammar. Give your reviews to someone who can check and point your mistakes. As you start reading more and your brain gets exposed to new sentences and words, eventually your grammatical errors will reduce. There are many rules in Grammar but I personally think that the best way to develop your English Grammar is by reading more and more. After sometime, you wont need rules to write correct sentence, your mind will automatically start pointing out in case you make grammatical mistakes errors. speaking, writing and reading English isn’t a big deal. I am a learner and still learning this beautiful language, I make a lot of grammatical mistakes but I learn from them. First off all read a lot… Be a voracious reader. Pick up any English book or any other article from an English newspaper and start reading. Then, try summarising what you have read on a sheet of paper. Just don’t care whether you have written it grammatically correct or not. Nextly, give it for correction to someone who has a great command over English. Gradually, you will be able to find the areas you are weak in while putting your thoughts into words. You can also refer to a good basic English book like “Wren and Martin” for improvising your writing skills which includes proper usage of prepositions, using the correct adverbs, etc.
Here are some tips which I learned while learning English.
—-WRITING—-  1) Grammatical Mistakes :- When learning a new language always make sure that you are through with the grammar. It is the root of learning.           —-VOCABULARY MATTERS—-Most of the time when you want to convey a massage quickly, you must have a good command on words. If  you don’t have any access to a quick vocabulary in your mind, then you would stammer and end up saying.                                                            —-PRACTICE—- Once grammar and vocabulary reached a level where you can easily from simple sentences, then do the following:                                                    Read Books; Read Newspapers; Listen to English Songs; Watch English Series and Movies; Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.

{Read books} :- Fictional or Non-Fictional whatever you like start with basic books like “Wren and Martin” . start reading dictionaries. Read the topic articles blogs that interests you.               {Read Newspapers}:- There are some of the best newspapers to improve your English Skills; 1) The Indian Express  2) The Times of India  3) The Hindu  4)  Hindustan Times  5) The Telegraph . These newspapers assuredly help to improvise your English.                           {Watch English Movies}:-  Watch English movies with subtitles , it’s better to use headphones for better understanding of the pronunciation. for suggestion watch “Friends” it helps you to improvise your English skills.                                                                                                         Practice the language daily with your friends or relatives and families or even on social media. Don’t be ashamed to use the  language even someone laugh at you. Talk to people around in English, practice fluent English speaking , learn how to pronounce words.  Oh, well keep blabbering, to yourself, about anything it fun and it helps the cause. And, for improving confidence while speaking, speak in front of mirrors, look at yourself, the way you pause while speaking, your body language, etc.                                                                                                                                        And remember one thing, you cannot improve your English in a day. It requires patience. Initially you may feel that there is no improvement but this is how the graph of English exceeds.. very slow in the beginning and then it suddenly rises high. So, have faith and keep reading.. after all English is just another language.                     HAPPY LEARNING  🙂 🙂

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