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          We all are going through the pandemic. 24th march when Gov. announced lockdown all over in India, and we all Indians were scared of getting locked in our house and praying to god for the sake of our families. But according to me, it’s a great opportunity for us to spend valuable time with our family and make some pretty good memories, yesss we have got an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, to follow our hobbies again. Co-vid Pandemic, increasing death rates are  not joke. The whole world is going through a tough time and suffering a lot. Many more had lost their loved ones. So many people are struggling for food, shelter . We all prayed for them and praying for each other’s sake. Every situation has two faces; of which one is positive and the other one is negative. Just like in this situation even though everything is being online such as online studies, work from home, etc and also no meetings , no hangouts. But still irrespective of these, something good that happened such as following own hobbies like reading, drawing, knitting , baking/cooking and many more. In lockdown, I followed my hobby of reading. Yes, I’m passionate about reading. I used to read a lot of books, novels, devotional stories. I have also gone through few wonderful websites for online novels. So, I’m going to share some of my best collection of books/novels and some websites which will provide free books/novels to the readers.                                                             I hope you will enjoy….                           There are so many books are available on Google and many websites provide free services to all book seekers like,, If you are reader you definitely read the Harry Potter set if not then I wonder if you are the reader??. I really liked to share some of my favourite book’s name so now, I’m going to share booklist.


Author:- J. K. Rowling (26 June 1997)

Genre:- Fantasy

I’m to obsessed with this novel series. It really gives you a real magical experience. Storyline, characters, sceneries everything is just amazing, unexplainable. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and every other character are just enough to make an impression on your mind and your heart. Even so many spells, potions name have been mentioned in the novel so you are really going to be loose in magical world. I know everyone has already seen that movie but I really insist you to read that novel because, there are lot’s of incidents, stories, fact’s and many things that have not been shown in that film which is really worth to known.


Author:- Young Master Yan

Genre:- Romance/Drama

You Are My Unforgettable Love novel is a popular romantic light novel. Written by Chinese author Young Master Yan. There are total 1801 chapters. Novel is translated in English. Story is based on the famous actor Shen Liang chuan who is married with normal reporter girl Qiao Lian. They both are tied in contract based marriage. Qiao Lian had to face so many issues, problems in this marriage so, you have to read the novel to know about the contract and why they had to face so many issues problems in this marriage. So you have to read the novel to know about the contract and why they had to married each other. I personally like this novel very much. This novel is full of love affection and drama. If you love to read romantic books so this book will never loose your expectation


Author:- Anne Frank

Genre:- Autobiography

During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne Frank started to write her diary. On 6th July Anne and her family went to hide her father’s office building in Amsterdam. Anne frank died of typhus in 1945. Anne note every incident that she and her had to face in Nazi attack during the World war2. The book is originally in Dutch language and the original title of the book is Het Achterhuis( The Annex).


Author:- Co Man and Man Gu

Genre:- Romance/Drama

Love at first sight it’s real or just a myth. Have you loved someone at only one glimpse isn’t it weird to heard but it’s true and this book definately gives you proof. When two gaming experts, introverts person really fall for each other and love story starts to bloom. I’m definately not going to give a spoiler;) but I assure you this book never fails you


Author:-Louisa May Alcott

Genre:- Literature fiction/Comedy/Semi-autobiography

The story is based on the 4 March sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Details their passage from childhood to womanhood loosely based on the lives of the author and her three sisters. The novel has been said to address three major themes; domestically, work and true love and all of them interdependent and each necessary the achievement of it’s heroine’s individual identity.

You will get the all above novels on this link                                                        

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