Simple Steps to Writing The Perfect Unique Blog Post

If we’re talking about strict Uniqueness then it’s safe to generalize that most blog posts are not unique. Many things have been covered before by many other people — “a day in the life of this or that,” “the Top 10 something or other,” “how to do X,” etc. Unique is close to impossible, unless you happen to share something about no else has tried or thought of. What does give uniqueness is in what and how the individual blogger gives his or her ‘take’ — the blogger’s personal ‘angle’ of the matter at hand. So you are right — you may use other ideas and give your angle on things.Experiences are something else entirely. They are a great avenue for uniqueness.
Of course, you know already that writing from personal knowledge, experience or insight will always add in extra value, and therefore uniqueness. Start with defining the objective of your blog post—Why are you writing it in the first place. Who are you writing it for? This is an extremely important question because the the tone of voice, sentence structure and the vocabulary you use will be determined by your target audience.

So, here goes. First things first, you need to address and talk to your audience on a personal level. We’ll come back to this in a second. So you’ll have an idea about what the topic of the blog post you’re about to write is. For example, if you’re writing a blog post on a scientific topic for the members of the scientific community, then you may use jargon or words that the experts understand…..
If you’re writing for the general public, then you will need to use language that is easy to understand for the layman. Research and Collate- Once you know your objective and the target reader, start your research and collate as much information as possible on the topic you want to on. Create a bank of information and start storing all the research you think is important for the blog. The first and foremost rule is to be consistent. Take it seriously. If you treat your blog as a hobby, you won’t find success (and I’m assuming by success you mean traffic and sales, whatever it is you’re selling).
That said, here are the key components of a successful blog.
Choose a Topic That has Demand, and also Something You Enjoy Writing about.
You need to write something that has a market. For example, personal finance is big in the blogging industry. But what if you hate writing about personal finance? Then you’re just doomed to be miserable. Find that sweet spot where your interest meets market demand.
Then go through all the information you’ve collected, start sifting through all the points and pick out the most important ones.
Next, make a broad structure for your blog. Write bullet points and headings that must be included in your article. Once you have them written down, start arranging them in a sequence.
Pay Attention to Building Your Audience (via email list).

And the best way to do so is by having an email list. Social media is nice, but if for whatever reason your social media channel(s) get blocked or deleted or some other such nonsense, you’ll lose your audience. An email list is special because these people have willingly given you access to their precious inbox. They’re your most loyal audience. Treat them well, nurture them, and constantly work to grow this list. Keep working edits and produce many drafts till the time you are satisfied with it. Spend more time working on the headline than the entire blog. The headline determines whether people will even reach the first paragraph or not. Don’t leave any lose ends. Most often, we spend all time and energy in writing the perfect beginning and the middle, but get lazy towards the end. Your concluding para is crucial as it brings the entire blog together. Spell check multiple times after you’ve written the final draft.

Install some speech-to-text software on your computer. Fire up Microsoft Word, or whatever software you want to ‘write’ with. You’re not gonna be writing much. (hehe). With the software running and the cursor sat on the white canvas of your text editor, sit down on a chair, or wherever you’re comfortable.

Write Catchy Headlines………..
Do keep in mind that blogging is a lot of work. And one of the most important aspects of a blog post is its headline/title. Typically How-to and List type blog posts tend to do well, but how you title your post is very important. Your goal is to grab your ideal audience’s attention and entice them to click on your title and read the post. This takes some practice.

Pay Attention to SEO……..
If you’re in a competitive niche, you’ll need to pay attention to SEO. Learn about SEO best practices for blogs. (I highly recommend reading Neil Patel’s posts on SEO).

Simple is Better………
A good blog design is nice, but don’t overthink it. Keep things simple. That’s better than making something complex that doesn’t work.

When you blog with money in mind, you’re likely to lose. Blog with service in mind instead. Helo your readers. Do what you can to enrich their lives. And then money will come naturally.
Engage new readers.
Appreciate existing audience.
Share your knowledge.
Write catchy headlines.
Create content you’d personally love to read.
Use social media.
Remember that SEO is important.
Learn from others but don’t lose your personality.


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